COLREG Tutor: Frequently Asked Questions

COLREG Tutor is designed to be simple and easy to use, so here you'll find a few of the common questions that users have asked when using COLREG Tutor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation & Downloading

Licence Key, Activation, Deactivation, Purchasing

Using the Software


Mac App Store

Installation & Downloading

Is it free? How do I download it?

COLREG Tutor is not free and can be purchased from this website by clicking on the Purchase Licence option on the Download page.

To download please visit the Download page and choose the correct download for your operating system.

How do I install the program on Mac OS X?

Download the Mac OS X version of the software from the download page. This will provide you with a .dmg image file which your Mac will automatically mount after downloading (If it doesn't just click on the file to open it).

A window will appear with the COLREG Tutor application and a folder, simply drag the COLREG Tutor icon over the folder icon and it will be installed in your applications directory.

You can then start the application from Launchpad.

How do I install the program on Windows?

Download the Windows Installer from the download page. Once downloaded open the file which will launch the automated installer, the program will be installed in your Program Files directory and can be opened from your start menu by going to Programs > Alistair Baillie > COLREG Tutor.

If you are using a version of Windows which has "Tiles" then you will find the icon located on one of the tiles.

How does the software automatically update?

COLREG Tutor checks for updates periodically and will automatically download new versions in the background, once a new version has downloaded you'll be given the option to install it immediately or to install once you are finished with the program.

COLREG Tutor is built on the Electron framework and uses Squirrel.Mac to install updates automatically when running on Mac OS X. The Windows version uses Squirrel for Windows to download and install updates.

COLREG Tutor will only check for updates if it detects you are connected to the internet.

I've received a security warning from my virus scanner (Windows)?

Some users have reported receiving a message from their virus scanner when an automatic update was downloading, this is due to your virus scanner detecting a file downloading in the background (automatic update).

How do I remove COLREG Tutor?

First: If you have already activated your licence key, please ensure you deactivate the software so that you are able to use your licence elsewhere. To do this open COLREG Tutor and select Deactivate software from the Help menu.

Mac OS X: Drag the COLREG Tutor icon from your Applications folder to your Trash Can.

Windows: Open Control Panel and goto Add / Remove Programs, find COLREG Tutor in the list and select Uninstall / Remove.

Licence Key, Activation, Deactivation, Purchasing

How do I obtain my licence key?

You can purchase a licence key from this website by clicking on the Purchase Licence option on the download page.

I have lost my licence key, can I get another one?

If you have a Paddle account you can retrieve your licence key from your purchase history.

If you are unable to retrieve your licence key, I can attempt to retrieve it for you, please use the form located here. Please provide; Your name, your Paddle invoice number (if known) & date of purchase.

The software is not accepting my licence key?

Please ensure you are entering the licence key exactly as provided including the dashes. Your key should consist of 4 groups of letters / numbers seperated by dashes such as; ABCD-ABCD-ABCD-ABCD.

If problems persist please get in touch with me providing your licence key and purchase date using the form located here.

I receive a message that I can not activate as my licence key is already in use?

Your licence key is for a single user and single computer at any one time, if you wish to use the software on another computer you must first deactivate (see below) the current copy and then activate on another computer.

If you have not previously installed the software, or you no longer have access to the computer that was originally used with the licence key please contact us, providing your licence key, invoice number (from Paddle) or email address and date of purchase using the form located here.

How do I deactivate my copy so I can install on another computer?

Select "Deactivate Software" from the Help menu within COLREG Tutor.

Will my licence key work on both Windows and Mac?

Yes, your licence key will be accepted by both the Windows and Mac version of the software.

Who are / what is Paddle?

Our order process is conducted by our online reseller is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. Paddle provides all customer service inquiries and handles returns.

Using the Software

I've found a mistake - how do I report it?

While I have made every effort to ensure there are no mistakes, I am only human and it's possible one or two errors may have slipped past me and my testers. If you think you've found a mistake with a question or content of the application or even an error with the program itself please do let me know using the contact me form located here.

Is there somewhere I can discuss the answers with other users?

This is something I am considering for future versions if there is sufficient interest, however, at the moment there is not a dedicated message board for users of COLREG Tutor.

You will find the community over at very helpful and I would highly recommend creating an account and asking any questions you may have over there.


What payment methods can I use?

I use a company called Paddle to handle all payments, is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. Paddle provides all customer service inquiries and handles returns.

What happens when I purchase from you?

When you click Purchase Licence you will be asked to supply an email address and then to select payment method. After you have completed the checkout process you will receive two emails from a company called Paddle. The first email will contain a receipt / invoice and the second email will contain your licence key and instructions for downloading the program if you haven't already downloaded it.

After purchasing it may take a few minutes for you to receive the emails, also have a look in your Junk Mail or Spam folder if they haven't turned up within 10 minutes.

If you have any issues with your transaction please contact Paddle directly as I do not have any access to their system or your payment information.

If you have chosen to pay by credit or debit card, the transaction will show as PAD*ALISTAIRBAI (or similar) on your statement.

Using the Software

Can I purchase through Apples Mac App Store?

Yes, if you prefer you can purchase and download COLREG Tutor through Apples App Store on Mac OS X.

Please note: If purchased through App Store you will not receive a licence key and therefore can not use the version that can be downloaded from this web site.

What's the difference between the version here and on the App Store?

Content wise there is no difference between the version on the App Store and available seperately through this web site, however please be aware that;